Enhancing Cybersecurity in the Workplace


ybersecurity is one of the most talked about topics as global internet usage continues to increase. Cybercriminals are getting adapting and quickly finding new ways to overcome the latest methods of prevention. 

A secure IT network is one of the most important pieces of workplace security. Without the proper precautions, a breach in the network could mean a serious information security risk or data breach. With threats skyrocketing at Bing, it’s crucial for businesses to minimize their risks, and take the proper actions to protect their network and data.

Next Generation Firewall


Good defense systems start at the edge of an IT network. This is where the most important line of defense begins with a next-generation firewall (NGFW).


Unlike traditional firewalls, NGFW’s operate from one device. All of the malware and antivirus protection is automatically upgraded whenever a new threat is discovered. Their integration of advanced malware protection, prevention systems, and URL filtering make them a better option for workplace cybersecurity.

Two IT Networks


When visiting a business or establishment, it’s not uncommon to come across a guest WIFI network. In fact, businesses with a guest network is a very common practice to allow visitor access. This provides a company with an extra layer of security because it restricts what guests are able to access when they are connected to the network. This allows for company files and information to be safely isolated on its own restricted and personal network — separate from the company’s internal network, and safe from any threats or malicious activity.

Monitor the IT Network


To stay informed about cybersecurity in the workplace, constant monitoring must be implemented to watch for any unusual activity. Having eyes on the IT network gives businesses a guard tower to find and control problems before they become a risk. Each device that logs onto the network should be noted and monitored for any unusual activity. To help, employees should update their mobile operating system software on their devices, which ensure that they have the proper tools to keep malware and viruses away from the network. An overseeing pair of eyes can be the difference between prevention and company-wide disaster.

Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions


Having a backup plan is crucial. The unexpected can happen at any time, making preparation important to ensure prevention. With disaster recovery and backup solutions, even a system failure to a company’s computer network won’t hinder its day-to-day operations.


A proper recovery solution provides a business with full access to their information regardless of the cybersecurity disaster that has occurred. Having consistent data backups allows a business to stay one step ahead.


Educate Company Employees


An often overlooked factor for enhancing cybersecurity in the workplace is for businesses to educate their employees. This includes informing them about the precautionary steps they can take to combat threats. For example, businesses should encourage employees to voice unusual activity, and to notify the IT department when a potential threat occurs. Communication is key to help prevent malware from making its way into the network and keeping information safe. Internal IT departments should also regularly inform staff about the latest trends in cybersecurity and review the company’s cybersecurity policy in detail. Better education and understanding are the deciding factors when it comes to having confident employees and practicing safe online habits.


Complete Technology Solutions (CTS)


Enhancing cybersecurity in the workplace is not always the forefront of operational concerns, but the last thing that a business wants is to put their personal information at risk. That’s why it is important to find a company that has prior experience handling cybersecurity, and the resources to identify, handle, and eliminate online threats.

At CTS, we offer fixed cost solutions without the fear of obsolescence to increase company productivity, profitability, and competitive advantage. We equip businesses with the necessary tools to strengthen network security with Managed IT Solutions, Cyber Security, Disaster Recovery, Cloud Storage, and Unified Communications.


We provide the assistance to keep IT networks safe and business information in company hands. With highly skilled technical staff members, CTS supplies 24×7 proactive network monitoring and management to respond to threats before they cause disruption.

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