Cybersecurity With Taylor Swift: Swift on Security.

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular names in pop culture. She’s a worldwide icon in music, fashion, and now…information security… well, sort of. Swift on Security is a Twitter account that has garnered a lot of popularity over the last four years.


It centers around Taylor Swift giving cybersecurity and IT tips to the world one tweet at a time. From data breaches to ducks, this account has combined the world of information security with the witty humor she is known for, making it among the most popular Twitter accounts in the industry.

Don’t be fooled. This account is actually run by a group of cybersecurity professionals and not Swift herself. But in real life, Swift is no stranger to the idea of cyber protection. She has made it known just how important online security is to her.

After completing a collaboration with Ed Sheeran for example, Swift sent a single song locked in a briefcase. Containing only an iPad, this was how he heard the the final version of their their collaboration. After he approved, they locked the iPad, and locked it back inside the briefcase to send it back to Taylor Swift.

The possibility of wiretaps are also a threat that Swift is very cautious about. Her distrust of speakers and their vulnerability to record at any time has been said to make her very uncomfortable.

Swift on Security started back in 2014 and gained notice when it began retweeting other popular Twitter accounts. There’s even a Tumblr page where memes of Taylor and her performances are accompanied by cybersecurity factoids that “she” provides.

With over 250,000 followers on Twitter, Swift on Security has provided digital insight, help, news, and events to the cyber community. Just like it did this week with constant updates on the Apple Facetime issue.

The increased threat of cybercrime each year has made it critical for everyone to be aware of the risks and safety measures out there. And if that means bringing in Taylor Swift to be the face of this program, then we’re on board.

What’s important is how it has influenced hundreds of thousands of people to talk about information security. Accompanied with its relatable humor, Swift on Security has become a goldmine of knowledge for those who are looking to find the fun in cybersecurity.

We recommend giving the account a follow. The community is growing fast and is never shy to help for any issues or advice.


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