Voice Over IP for Businesses: Should Your Company Switch?

Poor communication costs big business well over $60 million each year.

If you’re still using an analog phone at your company, we’re willing to bet that miscommunication has impacted your bottom line in some way.

Want to learn more about how VoIP services can prevent that from happening again in the future?


We’ll also let you know where you can go to get the top VoIP services for your company.


Are you ready to do more, enjoy increased flexibility, and have better communication between your team and your clients?


If so, then read on to learn how voice over IP for businesses can make it happen for you.

VoIP vs Analog: The Basics

Before we get into the specific features and benefits of making the VoIP switch, let’s talk about how VoIP differs from your traditional phone system.

VoIP stands for “voice over Internet protocol.” This means that you’re actually making your calls over the Internet, not through traditional phone lines and analog systems.


As long as you have an Internet connection, you can make calls anywhere at any time.


VoIP works with both local and long distance calls.

Serious Savings

Did you know that about 85% of all projects go over their set budget?


While you might not be able to cut corners when it comes to some projects, VoIP phone systems can help you save serious cash when it comes to communication.


This is because you’re making calls over the internet. Especially if you have lots of international or long distance clients, you know the cost of analog phone calls can quickly add up.


VoIP usually charges a set monthly fee to make calls from anywhere to anywhere — regardless of whether or not those calls are distance or international.

This means you can say goodbye to those hefty single-call charges for good.Plus, VoIP services can save you in tons of other ways, as well.


You can benefit from services like automatic call forwarding and immediate message systems.


This will help save on the costs of potential hires. Additionally, VoIP systems don’t require an onsite IT staff.


If something goes wrong, you can contact your VoIP provider instead of having to hire someone to fix the issue.


Plus, all the increased productivity you’ll get from a VoIP phone service will help increase profitability, and save on the costs of errors that result from miscommunication.

Video Conferencing and Secure Chats

Another reason you should consider switching to VoIP?

You’ll have more ways to communicate with your customers and staff.


You can benefit from access to high definition video conferencing.


This way, you can have face-to-face, real-time meetings with your team members no matter where they are. This is especially useful for companies with a large remote workforce.


Video conferencing allows for more direct communication and helps you to cut down on confusion.


You can host a one-on-one video conference or schedule a set conference meeting time with everyone on your workforce. That way, it’s easy to make sure everyone is on the same page.


Video conferencing is also an excellent way to promote transparency between you and your clients. It’s much easier to build trust — and real relationships — face-to-face than over the phone alone.


Our VoIP services also include an instant messaging feature.


This means that you can quickly send a team member a message so you can get clarification on smaller issues that don’t really require a phone call.

You can also use the chats to keep your clients updated on their order status, answer quick questions, and tons more features.


The chat feature is completely secure, and you can also save and archive your chat sessions so you can return to them later. This will allow you to have a paper trail of conversations, which will help you to avoid crossed wires in the future.

Flexibility in Your Work Life

The average American will work about 1,790 hours in a single year.

However, ask yourself if all of those hours are as productive as you’d like for them to be.


How much of your time is spent waiting for that important phone call to come in?


What about making calls to clear up miscommunications?


You don’t want to feel like you’re chained to your desk — and you’d like to be able to get more out of every workday.


VoIP services can help to make that happen.


First of all, you can take calls anywhere you have Internet access. (Yes, including at the beach.)


Most VoIP services come with call forwarding features. This means that, even if you’ve left the office for the day, you can set up a number where you’d like to receive calls.


This also means that you can be more available to your clients — without having to sacrifice your sanity.

Voice Over IP for Businesses: Wrapping Up

We hope that this post has helped you to understand both the basics and the benefits of voice over IP for businesses.

Considering switching to VoIP?


If so, then we’d love to help ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible.


We provide excellent and intuitive VoIP services that will streamline your business and improve communication across the board.


We also offer managed IT and cloud solutions, in addition to access control and surveillance services.


Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you to get more out of every workday.

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