The Most Common Technology Problems


Lack of Communication

You missed your projected budget on a project, simply because of the lack of communication


Multiple Vendors

Nearly all businesses use multiple technologies to run their operations. And since many of those businesses are using multiple vendors to provide planning, installation and support for these technologies, confusion often results from miscommunication between those vendors.

Dividing your IT support and planning between different teams — that don’t always communicate well, or have the same goals – Jeopardizes Your goals, Your Productivity and Your Profitability.


One Vendor for All of Your Technology Needs

CTS has the expertise to provide and manage all of your business technologies. Whether it’s a new project or normal maintenance we will keep you on budget and on-time. Your prescription for efficient technology is one vendor, CTS.


You Have a Love/Hate I.T. Relationship

You are concerned that your company’s infrastructure depends on the knowledge of one or two people.


Relying on Individuals Instead of a team

You think you have a good I.T. solution in place.  What if they are not there tomorrow and all knowledge of your systems goes with them?


Team of CTS experts

We offer a team of professionals with multiple skill sets and expertise who maintain proper processes and procedures.  This enables our team to step into any situation without missing a beat.  Your prescription for peace of mind and continuity is CTS.


Technology Problems and Down-Time Cost You Time and Money

You are experiencing technology down time and disruption.


Lack of Proactive Planning

Your current technology provider is only reacting to your problems.


Consulting, Planning and Proactive Management

Through consulting, planning and proactive management of your technology, CTS will resolve problems before you know they exist.  Your prescription for maximizing your profitability is CTS.

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