Cyberattacks up 400% since COVID-19

According to FBI statistics, since March 2020 there has been a 400% increase in cyberattack complaints. The past year, companies have adopted the work from home approach to accommodate the safety of their employees during the pandemic. Hackers are using this to their advantage by exploiting insecure networks due to lack of ‘on-premise’ security.  Many people don’t realize that oftentimes the ideal target for cybercriminals are smaller, less protected businesses. Through ransomware attacks, hackers can gain leverage that is relatively easy for them to achieve, as opposed to how cumbersome it is for them to attack larger organizations, who’ve invested much more into their cybersecurity defense strategy. 

At Complete Technology Solutions, we’ve developed three simple strategies designed to minimize exposure and dramatically increase the safety and security of our customers’ networks.

1. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

There are immediate actions that any business can implement to add basic, intermediate and advanced levels of network protection to secure their company from these threats. The first and most easily implemented solution is to ensure that staff is using multi-factor authentication (MFA), via practices such as “two-step authentication” on tools that they access on a daily basis. This is one of those “no-brainers” approaches that immediately add an extra layer of protection across the network and is quite effective at deterring cybercrime.

2. Phishing Awareness Training

The second action that any SMB can take to increase their network security is to conduct phishing awareness training. Cybercrime relies heavily on human error and when employees are educated as to the types of attacks that are popular techniques, they can recognize them and respond appropriately. Business owners often overestimate the level of awareness that staff have about responsible browsing and downloading practices.

“One of the biggest concerns that business owners need to be aware of is that hackers are becoming much more sophisticated.  A few years ago, most phishing attempts were relatively simple to spot. But they have become much tougher to catch, especially among untrained staff.” – Kelly Ethington, CTS President

Kelly Ethington, CTS President

3. Security Operation Center (SOC)

For organizations that have more to lose, in terms of customer data, medical data, credit cards and other highly-sensitive information, they need to take a look at a security operations center (SOC). A SOC is a team of cybersecurity experts monitoring company networks 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If an attack occurs SOC technicians jump into action and thwart the attack. SOCs have grown in popularity because they are the most comprehensive solution.

While each business faces a unique level of threat, it’s critical that SMBs learn more about the risks their network currently faces and build the right defense shield with the right tools. Our entire team of technology professionals understands the critical role these products and services play in your business, and we know how to implement them to improve your bottom line.

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