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You need technology to perform three tasks: increase your profitability, maximize your productivity and give you a competitive advantage. Otherwise, it’s not worth the investment.

With Complete Technology Solutions, you will find the right systems to do it all.

CTS began in 1984 with the objectives to help businesses improve their bottom line through the implementation of the appropriate technologies.  In the years since, it has grown into a multi-site/multi-state organization that provides the latest technology to clients nationwide. Our entire team of professionals understands the critical role these products and services play in your organization and we know how to make it improve your business profitability.

Kelly Ethington

Kelly Ethington wants to get to know you and your company. As president of Complete Technology Solutions, she enjoys building relationships with clients and finding the right technology solutions to enhance operations.

David Heuman

In the world today, a single technological success isn’t enough to sustain a business. The human race continues to push past boundaries never thought possible, and in turn, our ways of thinking have had to adapt as well.

Ryan Pillers

Chief Financial Officer

CFO Ryan Pillers knows how much efficiency means to your company. As a financial expert, he recognizes that well-run computer systems and quality technology save you time and money. And he ensures that Complete Technology Solutions’ services offer you the very best.

Steve Laurent

Our VP of Operations, Steve Laurent, knows the vital role that technology plays in business today.

A more inter-connected world is driving constant changes in the way that technology is used within businesses. Business outcomes are dependent on the integration of IT services.

Ryan Welch

Customer service sets great businesses apart from the rest! That’s why Ryan Welch is our sales manager. Customer service has been his passion in the 18+ years he has been in the workforce.

Bruce Ethington

Field Services Manager

Ext. 1118

Adam Huelsmann

Installation Manager

Ext. 1110

Debbie Ruff

Account Manager

Ext. 1313

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