David Heuman,
Chief Executive Officer

Dave’s agricultural background taught him early on in life how to own and run a business capable of adapting for the long run. Adaptation and longevity are the two key elements that have paved the way to Complete Technology Solutions’ success.

In 1984, Dave Heuman knew that to remain at the forefront of the industry, he would not only have to think outside the box, but he would have to reinvent it all together. Thus in 1990, the CTS Complete Plan was born. This all-inclusive program, developed in house, would quickly set them apart from the rest and act as a catalyst launching the communications company into the future.

Nearly 40 years later, CTS Complete has clearly transitioned into a cutting-edge Information Technology marvel that transcends the basic model of telecommunications by reshaping the face of the industry itself. That sense of adaptation and longevity remains today as Dave Heuman’s daughter, the President of Complete Technology Solutions, navigates the organization towards a bright horizon full of opportunity and further advancement.

David Heuman

Chief Executive Officer


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