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The biggest challenge business owners face is understanding the anatomy of a cyber attack. They don’t understand how they happen, what gets stolen or how to prevent these types of events.

Today’s attackers can spend months hiding in an environment, causing irreparable damage your organization didn’t see coming. This is why we have joined forces with Solutions Granted, who specialize in the latest risk management, security monitoring and IT threat issues.

Join the experts and you’ll be sure to learn:
How data breaches are occurring
What’s changed with security and threat hunting over the last few years
Why small businesses are easier targets for cybercriminals
How threat hunting helps you anticipate attacks while reducing risk
Data Privacy


Potential Russian Cyber Attacks in the US

As you may know, Russia’s attack on Ukraine has also provoked potential Russian cyberattacks toward the US. This is not Russia’s first time deploying cyberattacks on a global level, which forces the IT industry to be on high alert. Read more here.

We are urging businesses to increase vigilance for cyber attacks against their infrastructure. The most important defense is to ensure any vulnerabilities are patched, whether that’s through software updates or additional security measures such as MFA. In addition, we highly suggest making all your staff aware of the increased cyber security threat levels and ask them to be vigilant.

Stay Viligant of Phishing, SMS, and Malicious Websites


To mitigate cybercrime, we must understand the anatomy of attacks, including the thought process of the attackers.
Hackers are often associated with suspect characters in hoodies, lurking on their basement computers. While this may be true in some cases, hackers are your everyday civilians at local coffee shops and airports.

Get inside the mind of a hacker.
Check out the video to see how an effective ransomware attack comes together.

New & Noteworthy at CTS

CTS Celebrates 38 Years of Excellence

On February 10, CTS celebrated on their 38th anniversary. Nearly 40 years ago, Dave Heuman opened the doors to CTS and has been helping organizations leverage their investment in technology ever since!

The firm has grown from a small phone company to a 40+ person Managed IT Service Provider. Complete Technology Solutions has improved business profitability for over 1,500 clients in 19 states!

It’s amazing how much growth and change CTS has experienced over the years. What hasn’t changed is our amazing culture, incredible teamwork and the ability to always have fun!

We are so thankful for our past, present and future clients and employees . Without you all, we would not be where we are today.

CTS Expands Service Area to Cover Missouri & Metro-East Regions

We are excited to announce that the CTS team is growing! Please welcome our newest Technology Consultant, Joe Mintzer. Joe comes to CTS to help us pursue our mission: to leverage organizations’ investment in technology that will improve their bottom-line.

For more than 5 years, he has made it his priority to understand the business needs of the client. His passion for customer experience will make him an invaluable resource for businesses in the Metro-East region. Learn more about Joe here.

Recognizing Dedicated Employees

Thank you to our team members for their dedication to CTS’s success:

  • Garret Peters – Escalation Technician | 8 Years of Service

The CTS Team Gets Better & Better!

We want to extend a warm welcome to our recent CTS team members:

  • Josh Steenbergen – Field Technician

One Partner. Complete Solutions. Better Results.

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