Data and IT security have been a topic for years now, but since the threats keep evolving, we find ourselves continually needing to develop new strategies and tools to combat them. That is why we want to take a couple months to focus on the importance of cyber security, especially in connection with healthcare and sensitive data protection. This month we are focusing on healthcare: Why do businesses and providers have to put special protections in place?

If you work with patient and health data, you should be aware of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, called HIPPA, and other data security regulations. We published an article in January explaining some of the ways that CTS can assist your business with HIPAA audits. CTS offers comprehensive assessments of your current IT data security and any elements that need adjusting to meet these regulations, including protections against data theft, hackers, and ransomware. Let us advise you on the best cyber security tools and which techniques you can use to improve your data handling processes. This is all part of helping you be HIPAA compliant, so you can avoid fees large enough to bankrupt some businesses! Ultimately, this is all part of ensuring patient data is in safe hands and is securely stored and managed. Don’t wait for an audit to get compliant – contact us today for more information.

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