Effective Communication Is Vital to Your Business

At Complete Technology Solutions (CTS), we believe that effective communication is vital to your business. It can be the difference between a great customer experience or a missed opportunity. With our VoIP technology combined with the right cloud services and our superior customer support, you’ll find the solutions to all your communications issues in one platform.

Strengthen your company’s backup and recovery with intelligent business continuity from CTS.

Disaster recovery begins with a strong backup solution. Our backup solutions include:

  • A fully automated backup process
  • Backup testing EVERY DAY to verify success and ensure restoration capabilities
  • Individual file restoration abilities when a full system restoration isn’t needed
  • Backup reporting so you can continually monitor your system’s backup status

Why CTS for Complete VoIP?

CTS can replace the dial tone your business has historically received from local and long-distance providers. You’ll enjoy more functionality and cost savings with VoIP than with your standard phone line. It includes features such as Disaster Recovery, DID’s (private numbers), and caller ID pass-through to your mobile phone. To deliver the best customized unified communications solutions, CTS consults with you to understand and resolve your business needs and pain points. Today’s business owners look to CTS when they need to:

  • Minimize noise that occurs by all simultaneously ringing phones through the utilization of groups
  • Route customers quickly and efficiently to the correct department through an Auto Attendant
  • Ensure automatic roll over of phones in case of outage or disaster
  • Allow employees to work anywhere

Communications Without Borders

Creating a hybrid workforce is essential to your competitiveness, as well as attracting and keeping talent in your organization. Employees need to stay productive and accessible, regardless of location. Find easily scalable phone systems that can support thousands of users across multiple locations. Our Cloud & Premise-based IP Phone System offers a full suite of business-enhancing features that will drive productivity and profitability to your employees, providing an ROI to your business.

“Our company has been working with CTS for nearly 5 years, starting with a campus-wide security camera system. We have since added a managed VoIP system that has enhanced our capabilities and reduced our monthly phone expenses by 70%. I give the highest recommendation to CTS as a provider of any and all IT services, as their work is second to none.”

–Josh Hughey
NOTS Logistics

Our Business Phones Benefits

CTS Cloud & Premise-based IP Phone system offers a full suite of business-enhancing features that will drive productivity and profitability to your employees, resulting in a competitive advantage.

Business Phones

CTS VoIP business phone systems provide high-definition quality voice attributes for exceptional call clarity and accessibility, no matter where you are located.


Be available on your terms to both internal staff and customers. Our mobility platform makes you accessible through one phone number and delivers calls wherever you are.

Call Center Application

Get enterprise-level call-center functionality in addition to your day-to-day and front-office needs. Our applications improve customer experience by automating call handling either through situational or skills-based routing. Other benefits include real-time and historical reporting, along with real-time supervisory tools such as agent assistance and live interactive training with no additional hardware needed.

Video Conferencing

Increase staff productivity and collaboration with integrated point-to-point HD video. It allows you to conduct secure and reliable “face to face” meetings in real-time.

Presence Management

Improve customer experience and decrease unnecessary interruptions with an at-a-glance view of your staff’s availability.

Email, Voicemail & Chat

Streamline your business communications by incorporating email, voicemail, and fax capabilities, all within a single communications tool. Spontaneously collaborate with anyone in your company through a secure chat window, and then save and archive sessions for future reference.

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