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At CTS, our team is not only expected to bring an inquisitive, friendly spirit but to also have fun while doing it. We cover a broad range of technology designed to help our clients excel. From backups to network infrastructure or CCTV to door entry, we offer a solution for practically any situation.

We are currently accepting applications for sales and technician teams. Applicants need to be adaptable and work well individually and as part of a team.

“Making the decision to leave the stability and security of a Fortune 500 company to come to CTS was not easy. Looking back though, it is one of the best career choices I’ve ever made.  Besides offering a very competitive compensation and benefit package, there are many intangible advantages in working for CTS.  One area where CTS exceeds particularly well is in encouraging and rewarding innovation. CTS encourages employees to come up with new and better ways of doing things. In contrast to the large corporations that I’ve worked for where implementing change is very difficult, a smaller business like CTS is able to take the input of employees and initiate change more easily. It has been very rewarding for me to see how my ideas and efforts can impact the business.”

– Ryan P.

“I’ve been here for four years now. After working for large companies like AT&T and Charter, I feel that I’ve finally found a place to work and grow that I care about. The reason I say this is it feels like a true family atmosphere.  What other companies can you name where you can sit down have a meal with the owner and CEO. Here you’re not just some nameless ID badge or inconsequential cog in a machine that can easily be replaced.  It truly is my work family; the first I’ve ever experienced. This is why CTS is where you can find me.”

– Jason H.

Complete Technology Solutions is a company with strong ethics & values.  For being an IT & voice company in rural southern Illinois, they cover a large area throughout Illinois, Missouri, & Kentucky.  CTS values their employees just as much as their customers.  In my 7 years with the organization, I never once felt secluded or that my opinions did not matter.  Management has always worked with me to meet my needs.  If I ever needed anything I felt comfortable reaching out to my manager for support.  The work is fast-paced and at times can be stressful, but anytime I feel too overwhelmed there has always been someone to jump in and assist.  The environment is highly team based and I would consider many of my co-workers to be some of my best friends.

– Adam H.

“I formerly worked at a CTS customer for many years (30 to be exact).  When I started at that company, the culture was in many ways very similar to what it is here at CTS currently – a small family-run operation where the owners treat their employees as extended family.  Because of this, the employees felt as though they had a stake in the business succeeding, and I believe much of the company’s success was due to that commitment by the employees. The company owners were invested in their employee’s lives and family as well. 

– Greg H.

“As an employee who has worked at CTS for 28 years, to say technology has changed is an understatement. When I started, I was given a pager, a map, and a stack of paper tickets. All the systems we worked on were 90% hardware and 10% software. Today system are now 90% software and 10% hardware. Through the years products changed often, but the vision and expectations of the owners at CTS hasn’t changed since day one. The staff here understands those expectations and have created a culture of excited individuals that are great to work with every day. With the variety of skill sets, experience and teamwork, there is no problem they cannot solve. They understand what it takes to deliver exceptional customer service and will not settle for anything less. Their desire to help each other out is what makes the team so effective. It is truly exciting to get to work with this team everyday as I know they look forward to taking on whatever challenges come their way.”

– Steve L.

“CTS is a family-owned business and every day I walk through the doors I feel like a part of the family. I’ve been welcomed since I was 15 cleaning out the basement to now. I can say I have a friend in every person that works at CTS. Everyone is willing to stop what they are doing at almost any given time to help without hesitation (even at 2 in the morning when a customer is down). This is one of the many things that make CTS a great company and it’s why I am proud and thankful to be a part of it.”

– Eliot M.

“I have been working at CTS for just over a year now. When I joined CTS, I didn’t realize just how overwhelming IT can be.  When I did something for the first time there was a lingering fear that sometimes clouded my normal thought process. At CTS, the employees helped me take a step back from that fog. When you are employed at an IT company there is a first time every day, and sometimes there are many first times a day. Any time I would ask for help, someone would drop what they were doing, listen to what I was going through, and share valuable resources and knowledge that helped me get through the issues I was encountering. When doing this, it didn’t just help me grow in IT. It helped me grow as an individual. I would observe how they responded to different situations and absorb that valuable information. Not only do I go into new experiences at work with confidence knowing I have a great team behind me, but I can take that same confidence into other aspects of my life. I was able to learn a great amount about IT and myself. I’ve gained priceless knowledge that you can’t find anywhere other than with a fantastic team like the one we have at CTS.”

– Andrew D.

“Complete Technology Solutions is a company of integrity and commitment to excellence.  Employees are truly valued here and the support you receive is unparalleled!  The company shares its success with employees through personal acknowledgements and company celebrations.  CTS provides excellent training and the tools you need to succeed.  There is room to grow professionally, if you work hard and want it enough!”

– Debbie R.

“I’m thankful that I have been given the opportunity to do what I enjoy close to home and to be able to work with such a respectful and friendly group.  Suggestions and ideas are encouraged and rewarded. I am very happy to be here.”

– Terri M.

“CTS is a great place to work, which can be credited to the group of people that I get to work with every day. Everyone is always willing to help in any situation, and they help you reach your own goals without hesitation. CTS has done an amazing Job at creating a company that feels more like family than a job.”

– Kenny G.

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