Advances in CCTV technology are turning video surveillance into an increasingly valuable tool. Monitoring your business activities has never been this simple. CTS engineers will customize a CCTV solution to meet your business needs.

CTS Video Surveillance:

• Safety.

• Security.

• Theft, violence and vandalism deterrence.

• Monitoring of areas containing sensitive information.

• Point-of-sale transaction monitoring.

• Inspection of individuals entering and leaving a facility.

• Monitoring of assets throughout the building.

• Monitoring of hazardous environments.

• Monitoring of areas with heightened risk of injury.

• Monitoring of common/high traffic areas.

• A management tool.

• Improved employee processes that utilize video as a training tool.

• Utilized recordings as needed.

• Increased customer satisfaction through improved employee performance and productivity.

• Protection against false workman’s comp. claims.

CTS Door Access Control and Management Systems:

 Control and monitor both exterior and interior entrances, even elevators.

 Use electronic key cards. They can’t be duplicated and when an employee leaves, his or her card is simply deactivated.

 Remotely open and lock doors based on a timeframe or on-demand quick entry.

 Know who has entered and exited your facility and when.

 Safeguard specific areas by limiting access to designated individuals.

 CTS recognizes the challenges involved in the physical access and security of your company’s facilities.

 Eliminate those challenges with CTS Access Control Systems. They allow you to customize building access by users, areas and time of day. You can also control who has access to your facility and when.

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